Funeral Services

We're dedicated in becoming a resource to families in their toughest time.
One of the most heartbreaking moments in your life is to bid farewell to someone you love or care for. As Muslims, we are taught to trust Allah’ Subhana Ta’aala’s will and to pray for mercy and forgiveness for the deceased.
To assist you during these difficult times, the Islamic Foundation of Toronto provides the requisite facilities and a caring team of volunteers who strive to render this transition as smooth as possible.
What should I do if the need arises?

Call us at 416-876-3000. You will be directed to the Funerals Coordinator. They will then take care of all the related services. The entire process takes time and your presence in the office may be necessary. We, therefore, suggest that the Funerals Coordinator be contacted in advance in instances where death is expected.
FUNERAL HOTLINE 416-876-3000 OPEN 24/7
IFT Funeral Prices List and Forms

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Mortuary and Ghusl Al Mayyah (Bathing the deceased)
Our mortuary is equipped to provide Ghusl Al Mayyah (washing the body) and getting ready the body for burial in a wooden casket as per Ontario Provincial Laws. Our team of volunteers comprises of both Brothers and Sisters to wash the body according to the gender of the deceased.
As part of our Funeral Services, we have designated access to Muslim Graveyards at Pine Ridge Memorial Garden, Duffin Meadows Cemetery and other cemeteries in the Greater Toronto Area. Information could be obtained by contacting our Funerals Department number.
The Burial Services available are as follows:

Same day Burial is possible, if requested prior to 9AM
Monday to Saturday - Regular Services
Sunday and Holidays - The cemetery imposes additional charges
  • Abu Hurayrah (ra) reported that Allah's Messenger (pbuh) said: "Two of the peoples practices are acts of disbelief: dishonouring the kinship relations, and wailing over the dead." (Muslim, al Bayhaqi) 
  • Abu Hurayrah (ra) reported: Allah's Messenger (pbuh) once prayed over a Janazah, and then (after burial) he went towards the dead person and threw three handfuls (of soil) on the side of his head." (Ibn Majah)
(Please Note: The person mentioned in this Hadith was buried in a Lahd type grave so that the handfuls of soil could be thrown towards the head of the body. A Shaqq type grave is in common use in North America so that the handfuls of soil can be thrown directly on the casket) 
Salatul Janaza (Prayer for the deceased)
A divine service is held over the dead body of every Muslim, young or old, even of infants who have lived only a few minutes. When the soul leaves the body, preparations are made for bidding him the last farewell. Salatul Janazah is a collective obligation. A Muslim should not hesitate to participate in it, whether or not the deceased or his relatives are known to him.
Salatul Janazah is said silently, except the Takbeer and Tassleem. All conditions for regular Salat are required in Salatul Janazah such as Tahara, Wudu, clean body and clothes, neeyah (intention), and facing the Qiblah. 
Salatul Janaza can be easily performed in the spacious prayer halls of our mosque for both men and women. You are welcome to bring non-Muslim friends as well for funeral services but we do require that the appropriate dress code is observed.