Udhiya Meat Collection and Distribution

Insha Allah IFT collecting Udhiya meat from Wednesday July 21st between 11:30 AM - 7:30 PM for following 3 days. Same time distribution is also hold. Please make 2 lbs small bags for easy distribution.


Eid Al Adha Salah Timings

Insha Allah Eid Al Adha is on July 20th Tuesday Salah @ IFT 1st Salah 6:00 AM 2nd Salah 7:30 AM 3rd Salah 8:30 AM Sisters and Children are also welcome.


Media Release

IFT along with its congregants is saddened and express grief at the death of Const. Jeffrey Northup, a veteran police officer.


Masjid Open for Prayers @ 25% Capacity

We are pleased to announce that IFT masjid will be open to the community with a 25% building capacity limit as of Wednesday June 30th from Fajr In-Shā Allāh. We look forward to welcoming you.


Email Money Transfer (EMT) to IFT

Now you can donate your donations thru EMT. Please send you donation on [email protected] . Note: Please mention your donation in Message Memo


COVID 19 Measures

Assalamu Alaikum Dear IFT Community: By now, you have heard of the Coronavirus contagion (officially “Covid-19”) and its impact on nations and communities around the world. IFT already started measures on COVID 19.


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Welcome to Islamic Foundation of Toronto (IFT). Established in 1969, IFT is one of the oldest Muslim organizations in Canada.

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Since 1969, the Islamic Foundation has been serving the Muslim community in Toronto and all over Canada. Please support us as we continue our mission.

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