Facility Rentals

Host your events at IFT
The Islamic Foundation provides both the gymnasium and cafeteria for your private events. Please see details below. If you have further questions, please call our office (416) 321 0909 or email [email protected].
Gym Details
Price: $800
Capacity: 400 Persons
  • Chairs (400 Complimentary)
  • Tables (40 Complimentary)
  • Partition ($25 each)
  • Sound System ($50)
  • Podium ($75)
Cafe Details
Price: $550
Capacity: 240 Persons
  • Chairs (240 Complimentary)
  • Tables (30 Complimentary)
  • Partition ($25 each)
  • Sound System ($50)
  • Podium ($75)
Prayer Hall Details
Price: $100
Prayer Hall is only used for Nikah Ceremonies. For more information on booking your Nikah please click here.
You may add any additional equipment to your booking for the respected fee.
 Facility Booking Form: Click Here 
  1. Facility(ies) are available for function/program ONLY up to 10:30pm. For any other extra time $25.00 / hour will be charged.
  2. Islamic dress codes and behavior must be observed strictly.
  3. The user will pay for all damages to equipment, furniture or property.
  4. All equipment brought in and not belonging to Islamic Foundation of Toronto must be promptly removed at the end of the function.
  5. The entire premise of Islamic Foundation of Toronto is a NO SMOKING area.
  6. ONLY the facilities specified will be used.
  7. All donations are to be given directly to the Islamic Foundation of Toronto. Charities to employee are not permitted.
  8. Islamic Foundation of Toronto reserve the right to cancel and / or alter the Permit at any time.
  9. If a booking is cancelled 2 weeks prior to the event, no charge will be incurred. However, if the booking is cancelled within 2 weeks of the event, $150 cancellation fee will apply.
  10. The caretaker or such other employee designated shall be at all times in charge of the premises.
  11. Games of chance, lottery, door prizes, any form of gambling, music is strictly prohibited at the premises of Islamic Foundation of Toronto.
  12. The aisles and exists will be kept free from obstruction at all times.
  13. Food / refreshment are served in designated areas only.
  14. Parking is allowed in designated areas only.
  15. Full deposit will be received at the time of booking, including $200.00 refundable deposit against damages and / or overtime.
  16. The Islamic Foundation of Toronto will not be held responsible for any personal injury or for the loss or theft of any articles belonging to anyone attending the program.
  17. All set-up will be arranged by organizer of the function.
  18. Individuals/organization having similar aims & objectives will not be allowed to advertise on the Islamic Foundation of Toronto premises.
  19. No fundraising event will be allowed to any individual or organization unless approved by the Majlis.
  20. Brothers and Sisters MUST stay in their respective prayer halls.