This section outlines the admission requirements at the Islamic Foundation School (IFS). If you're interested in admitting your child to IFS, please ensure all requirements are met.

Our Policy

If and when a seat becomes available in any grade, the following will be given priority:
  • The children of the IFS full time teachers who have applied for admissions will be given first consideration provided:
    • They receive required percentages in the admission test.
    • They meet all other admission requirements.In all other cases, students will be called from the waiting list on a first come first served basis.
  • All new admissions will be conditional for specified time. IFS may cancel the admission if the student has not fulfilled the condition laid out in his/her case.
  • All students will follow admission procedures, and only after the process is completed, the admission will be finalized. At this stage the school cannot guarantee the admission of your child to the requested grade.
  • An entrance test for Grades 2 and up is mandatory. A minimum score of 65% is required.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide the school in writing of any change in their address and / or phone number along with a copy of the original application form.
  • With the $50.00 registration fee, your child's name can be on the registered waiting list for a maximum of two years. If you wish to register your child on the waiting list for more than two years, please complete a separate application form along with an additional $50.00 registration fee.
  • The parent/guardian will be notified only when the student is offered the admission between September and June.
  • Once the school offers the admission, the parent should accept the admission.  Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the child's name from the current and the following year waiting list.
  • Students leaving IFS for Hifz program for following year must notify the school by April 30. No one is allowed to leave during the school year or once the admissions have been finalized and seats have been allocated. Any violations to this rule will result in forfeiting the right to return to IFS.
  • IFS is an academic school where we have a high expectation of students for achieving excellence in academics. We currently have no resources to support students with special educational needs.
  • A current student, who has failed in a grade at IFS, will not be permitted to return and repeat the grade.
  • A current student who does not meet IFS academic standards, or repeatedly violate school rules, or is a bad influence upon other students will not be considered for returning to IFS the following year.